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cheap replica handbags This is true of our currency: each $1 bill is identical and exchangeable with every other $1 bill. Otherwise chaos ensues. Fungibility encourages liquidity. “Now I keep looking at the men I work with and wondering how much more they’re being paid.”The woman spoke anonymously because, like some others interviewed for this story, she fears that speaking best replica bags out could result in her losing her job.Under the new rules, companies with 250 or more employees are required to disclose gender pay gaps for average pay, median pay and annual bonuses.The deadline was Wednesday, and the picture that has emerged is not pretty.Women are paid less than men on average by an overwhelming majority of companies, across all industries, in both private companies and 7a replica bags wholesale public organizations.”There will be women all over the country who are quite simply being cheated. This practice has to end,” said Sam Smethers, chief executive of Fawcett, a group that campaigns for women’s rights.How long will it take to close the gender pay gap?Reactions to the data have ranged from disbelief to anger and outrage.When journalist Sarah Knapton found out that her newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, had a mean pay gap of 35%, she vented her anger publicly.”Hugely dispiriting. Have sudden desire to throw myself under a horse,” she tweeted, referring to an incident in which a suffragette threw herself under a horse in 1913 to protest women being denied the right to vote.Related: UK has a major gender pay gap problem new data proves itOxford University professor Gina Neff was upset to find out that the mean pay gap at her bag replica high quality university was 24.5%.”I expected better, but I am not surprised,” she in an interview cheap replica handbags.

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